Dinner at Home

I get asked quite often if I cook much at home.  Some people assume the it’s quite luxurious to have a professional chef as your spouse.  I don’t want to speak on behalf of “Monk”, but I’m pretty sure she’ll tell you that I’m no luxury. 

On my days off from work, “Monk” and I go out to eat quite often. I definitely do the cooking for special occasions and parties at home, but my better half does most of the daily cooking. 

Last night after an impromptu power nap, I cooked dinner.  Simple stuff.  Ribeye steaks seasoned with Montreal Steak Spice, Yukon gold roesti, sherried mixed mushrooms and a little broccoli.  I haven’t had a steak in quite a while, so it was quite a nice treat.  With dinner we had a bottle of Michel Torino Estate  Don David 2006.  It’s an Argentinian cabernet sauvignon, relatively inexpensive, fairly mediocre in every way, but it did a really good job cutting the fatty-ness of the steak.  Dinner was tasty, unfortunately “Jazzy” got a little ornery during the meal.

Most of the time “Godfather” and “The Girl” join us for dinner on Monday evenings, either out or at our house.  Maybe we’ll cook dinner at home tonight? I heard that there were some pastries with my name on it, that made their way up here from Jean-Phillipe at the Bellagio.


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