Wrap and Roll

“Godfather” and “The Girl” just got back from dining and gambling adventures in Vegas, so we invited them over for dinner to hear stories about Bobby Flay, Jerry Springer, Sin City gambling secrets and dinner at Joel Robuchon.  For dinner, we laid out something we call “Wrap and Roll,” which is one of our favorite meals at home.

It’s super easy and super tasty, very much hands on and allows you a wide selection of things to eat.  Essentially, we have toasted nori(seaweed), sushi rice, rice paper wrappers and rice noodles.  These are the delivery systems for the rest of the ingredients.  For proteins, we had Chinese BBQ pork, broiled unagi(sea eel), marinated pig’s ears, top shells(sea snails) and masago(smelt roe).  For veggies, we had some scallion, pickled ginger, seaweed salad, cucumber, kim chee and iceberg lettuce.  For sauces, we had a spicy Q-Pie mayo, soy sauce and a Vietnamese hoisin/fish sauce/peanut sauce concoction.


Wrap and Roll

Roll up whatever you want with whatever you want.  Infinite numbers of possibilities and it’s always fun to play with your food.  My favorite roll of the night was the “rice three ways roll” with a rice paper wrapper, a sheet of nori, some rice noodles, sushi rice, lots of unagi, masago, spicy mayo, cucumber and pig’s ears.   It was a tasy, textural, gluttonous success.   I only wish we had ripe avocado and sea urchin to “get in the mix.”  With dinner, we had a bottle of Calona Vineyards Artist Series Sovereign Opal 2007.  I knew nothing about this wine, had never heard of this grape, but a lovely Peller rep gave me a bottle to try, a few months back.  Apparently, Sovereign Opal is a muscat cross-breed designed for the Okanagan climate.  The wine itself, was very floral, big on tropical fruit, nice crispness and really summertime pretty.  Unfortunately, it was a cold, wet November evening, but on the flip side, this wine paired up great with the wide range of Asian flavors; the spicy, the salty, the savory and sweet items on the spread.  I will try this wine again next year on a hot summer evening, enjoying the view from our deck after a sweaty day in the kitchen.


"Godfather's" Red Velvet Cake

For dessert, “Godfather ” baked a Red Velvet Cake and he also brought some macaroons and madelaines from Jean-Phillippe Patisserie at the Bellagio.  The cake was great; moist, tasty and bright red.  The vanilla bean cream cheese frosting was yummy.  I think I’ll go have another slice after I finish this blog entry.  I just googled Red Velvet Cake and found out it was the signature dessert item at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in the 1920’s and at Eaton’s restaurants in Canada in the 1940’s and 50’s.  I always like to know the history and stories behind the food, for some reason it makes the food taste better. 

Dinner was great; good friends, good food, good wine and “Godfather’s” poor card play.  We’ll have to do it again soon.  Now for another slice of cake.


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