Maruwa Sushi

Because this blog is brand new and I need to get some content uploaded, I’ve chosen to add a review for Maruwa Sushi.  Lunch at Maruwa actually took place on Nov. 2, 2009.

Normally, Tapenade Bistro is closed on Mondays.  Except for long weekends during the summer or during the December/holiday stretch, we close the restaurant on Mondays. This day of rest is great for staff morale, it’s a day when we usually spend time with friends and family and it’s a little bit of consistency to a somewhat inconsistent schedule.  We will open the restaurant for private functions and on this particular Monday, we had an event booked.  Rather than starting our day at our usual 10am, we decided to get together for a sushi feed before work.  “The Great Wall” and I were originally going to be joined by “Boomtown” but his conscience got the better of him and I told him I’d buy him lunch on a different occasion.

Maruwa Part 1

Round 1

Maruwa Sushi [11300 Steveston Highway, Richmond,  (604) 204-2018] is a nondescript Japanese restaurant tucked away in a Richmond strip mall.  “Godfather” introduced this place to me a few years ago, when he used to work at a bank in the general vicinity.  I haven’t been in a while, but was reminded of it when the owners of Maruwa came into Tapenade for dinner.  “Boomer” had been spreading the good word of Tapenade around and invited them to come sample our food.  Since that night, we’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to visit Maruwa.

I always enjoy dining with “The Great Wall” because he appreciates excess as much as I do.  We were pretty hungry and excited about this meal and we were not disappointed.  They started us off with some miso soup and then brought us a tray of the freshest sushi available.  Special items such as suzuki, hamachi, kampachi, kampachi toro, aji, albacore toro, mirugai(geoduck clam), etc.   Everything was so fresh and perfect.  We ate all the items from most delicate to strongest in flavour.  We savored each piece and quickly mumbled our appreciation and enjoyment before moving on to the next piece.   “The Great Wall” went a little koo koo over the aji (horse mackerel).  The first bite of the uni cone was memorable for me.  It wasn’t even about the sea urchin, it was about the toasty crispness of the seaweed and the nicely cooked sushi rice.  The mirugai’s crisp texture and sweetness was phenomenal as well.   This platter of sushi was spectacular.

Maruwa Plate 2

Round 2

As usual, the owner’s wife(I’m terrible with names, hence all the nicknames) looked at me with pure confusion when I ordered another plate of sushi.  “Godfather” and I went through three platters once and the look of shock on her face was priceless.  This time around, we had a unagi batera(eel pressed sushi), spicy tuna hand roll, amaebi(stripe prawn), tobiko and negitoro.  It was all good, but not nearly as special and as tasty as the first platter.  “The Great Wall” and I had a great lunch, the food was fantastic and it was a great way to start our day.  Issues and concerns; the décor is strip mall chic and the prices are on the high side, but overall, what a fantastic sushi gem.

On my chef’s night out scale, Maruwa Sushi receives 4/5  SOB (slices of bacon).

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