"Monk" at Joe's Stone Crab around her birthday last year.

I’m back to work this week and won’t be eating out again until Monday.  “Monk’s” birthday is coming up (she’s quickly approaching her dirty 30’s), so I’m sure there will be some interesting dining adventures on the horizon.   She’s requested crepes and I’ve responded with Thomas Haas cake.  Maybe we can compromise somehow.  I know for sure I will be filing a piece on our staff meals at Tapenade Bistro, so check back frequently.

I’ve noticed that almost all the food I’ve been blogging about is Asian.  It’s kind of unusual for us to be eating this much Asian food, but “Monk” does prefer it.   I tend to eat food of all kinds, as long as it’s tasty and cooked with care.  Fuel Restaurant recently announced it’s upcoming closure and re-branding.  “Godfather” and I once has a very good meal there, so I think I might revisit, before the switch at the end of the month.  “The Great Wall” was updating me on a recent meal at DB Bistro Moderne,  so I’ve been considering checking out the prix fixe at Lumiere.  I’ve also been itching to go to La Quercia, but have not had the opportunity.  So little time, so much food.  “Such is the life.”

On a different note, I’ve noticed the images I’m capturing from my Blackberry 8100 are not terribly sharp, so a hardware upgrade will likely happen in the near future.   I’m not sure if I will stick with Blackberry or migrate to some other smartphone (iPhone,  Motorola Droid), but sharper images are on their way.   Be patient, I’m only a few days in and hopefully this blog will continue to improve.  Until next time, eat well.


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