Me N Ed’s Pizza

The “Red Dog” is an old pal from Toronto, who I’ve known for close to 20 years.   He was in town for a trade show and had a few trees to bark up.  I haven’t seen him since my last trip to T.O. , so it was great to have a chance to meet up.  He’s never seen “Jazzy” before, he happened to have some meetings in my neck of the woods, so we decided to brave the torrential downpour and have lunch at Me N Ed’s Pizza. [1121 Austin Avenue, Coquitlam, (604)931-2468]

Ever since “Monk ” and I  moved to Coquitlam last year, we’ve been big fan’s of Me N Ed’s.  During our initial search of restaurants in our neighborhood, Me N Ed’s was one of the few to make it onto our short list.  Years back, “Monk” and I had a good experience at a location in Burnaby, but we’ve probably been to the Coquitlam location at least 6 times in the past year.  During the whole time “Monk” was pregnant, each time we visited Me N Ed’s or even mentioned it verbally,  “Jazzy” would get overly active and show her approval for the pizza joint.  I can’t wait until she get’s a little older and we can let her try some of the pizza for herself.

I don’t really know the story behind Me N Ed’s.  “Sales Mix” told me about the history once, something about it starting in Bellingham, but I must not have been paying attention.  I’m sure the story is on the website somewhere, I’ll make sure to check it our after I post this review.  Each time I walk into Me N Ed’s, it reminds me of the pizzerias of my youth and particularly of “Mother’s Pizza” circa late 1970’s Mississauga.  I used to love “Mother’s Pizza” and it was a common place for a late night snack, friend’s birthday parties and dinner after baseball games.   Big mugs of ice-cold root beer and hot tasty pizza were always pleasing.

The Gangster

Me N Ed’s has the same old school charm to it as “Mother’s Pizza” for me.  Food memories and association really does make food or a restaurant that much more enjoyable.  For lunch, we shared a medium “Gangster” cooked well done.  I love my pizza crispy, a little charred and nicely browned on top, thus I usually order pizza well done.  I’m not a big fan of overly saucy, wet  or messy pizza.  The “Gangster” is topped with a spicy tomato sauce,  Italian sausage, cappicolla, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms and onions.   At the table there is a cheese shaker and chili flake shaker, which I always add to my slices of pizza.  We also shared some wings with blue cheese sauce and apart from them being thermal nuclear hot in temperature,  they were fairly pedestrian.  The star is the pizza and it is consistently good.  In the past we’ve had the meat lover’s, the Soprano, BBQ chicken pizza and a few other varieties, but the Gangster and the meat lover’s are my favorite.  Issues and concerns; the pizza toppings are good, but definitely not special in any way plus the rest of the menu items that I’ve tried are only satisfactory.  Stick with the pizza and you’ll do just fine.  There’s a pizza called the Godfather on the menu; gonna have to treat “Godfather” and “The Girl” to some pizza in the near future.

On my chef’s night out scale, Me N Ed’s Pizza receives 3.5/5 SOB (slices of bacon).

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