Sushi California Part 2

On my day off, I had to get up at 7:30am to get winter tires installed on the hybrid.   I already picked up a new set of steel wheels the day before (what a headache that was) and I woke up with plenty of time to make it to Costco for the tire center opening.  Even though I was there before the 8:00am opening, I still had to wait over 2 hours to get the job done.  Me and waiting don’t get along too well.  Apparently I lack patience, but I don’t believe it.  Just  ask “Monk” or the boys in the kitchen at Tapenade Bistro.   They say patience is a virtue; I will have to keep that in mind and keep working on that one.   After the winter tire nightmare was over, the only thing that I had in mind was to go have a good lunch with “Monk” and “Jazzy.”

Unfortunately, we still had lots of errand running to do.  A trip to another Costco had to be made to check out a new Blackberry and do a little shopping, plus kiddie clothes had to be dropped off at “Monk’s” sister’s house.   Fortunately, a  trip to the mall was averted and it was time to eat.  I’ve been craving sushi for the past few weeks and I’ve been experiencing the pains of sushi withdrawal, so it was time to satisfy my fix. 

Dragon roll

Sushi California [501A North Rd, Coquitlam, (604) 931-8284] was right in the neighbourhood of all our errand running, so we decided to go there.  I know I just blogged about it a few weeks ago, but I feel inclined to

Spider roll

 expound further.   We were greeted warmly, we were sat immediately and hot tea was in front of us within seconds.   This time around, I ordered a selection of nigiri sushi which included salmon, albacore toro, tobiko with quail egg, hamachi, tako and uni.  I also ordered a spider roll and a dragon roll for me and “Monk”.  The rolls arrived first and they were good.  We were starving, the rolls were tasty, but not life altering in any way.  In fact, the sauce on the dragon roll was a little heavy-handed and a touch sickly sweet. 

How good does that look?

A few more pieces.

When the nigiri sushi arrived, I actually said wow.  It looked perfect with all the items screaming freshness at us.   The taste of all the sushi was very good with the albacore toro being exceptional and the uni being unbelievably clean tasting.  The toro just melted in my mouth and was the best piece of albacore toro I’ve ever had.  The uni had such natural sweetnes  and the portion was huge.  For $1.35 for the toro and $2.50 for the uni, the value is fantastic.  When we finished all the food, I had to order another piece of uni and toro for myself and “Monk” and I also had a chopped scallop sushi each.  The uni was just as good, though the toro was not nearly as perfect as the first piece.  The scallop sushi was lack lustre in comparison, but still enjoyable.


"Jazzy" eyeballing my toro and uni.

Issues and concerns; the menus are kinda dirty and gross, the bathrooms could use some work and the rice seems a touch under seasoned.   The rolls are not their forte,  but overall I really have become a fan of Sushi California.  The sushi is fresh, well prepared, a good value and so close to our house.  I think Sushi California will become my new inexpensive sushi fix and pray it stays consistent.

I stand behind my initial review.   On my chef’s night out scale, Sushi California receives 3.5/5  SOB (slices of bacon).

Sushi California on Urbanspoon


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