Christmas in Toronto

“Monk”, “Jazzy” and I are leaving tomorrow to visit family in Toronto and to spend our Christmas holidays there.  We’re looking forward to introducing “Jazzy” to my family and friends that have not had the pleasure of meeting her.  It’ll be great for her to spend some time with my “Parental units” again as well.  Tapenade will still be going strong for the next 10 days, but fortunately, the large Xmas party push is over.   If you still have a last second party to book, I suggest you call the restaurant soon and “Sales Mix” will do his best to fit you in.   Fortunately, I have the luxury of having exceptional and dedicated staff, that will the tow the line in my absence.  Thank you in advance to my boys in the kitchen for allowing me this time off.

I recently received an email from my “Parental Units” and it listed all the dining engagements we are already booked into.  For the 13 days we are there, I believe 7 or 8 meals have already been accounted for.  That is the food culture I grew up in; we plan our next meal well before we finish our current meal.  I’m looking forward to enjoying a lot of my old favorites as well as doing a little Christmas cookery as well.  I’m hoping to track down a little caviar, sea urchin and smoked salmon for a Christmas Eve snack, I’m probably going to sous-vide a prime rib for Christmas dinner, I’m looking forward to steaks with the boys at Ruth Chris and I’m dying to check out a couple of new restaurants that I’ve been hearing great things about. 

I’ll be updating “Chefs Night Out” periodically from Toronto, so until then, eat well.


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