Miu Garden (Toronto)

For lunch yesterday, we met up with “Jazzy’s great-grandmother for dim-sum.  It was her first time seeing “Jazzy” and it was just so great to see all the smiles on my Grandma’s face.   We decided to go to Miu Garden [4390 Steels Ave. E, Markham, (905) 947-8340‎] which is in a Chinese shopping mall called Market Village.   My parents have eaten here a few times and thought we would enjoy it as well.

Great Grandma and "Jazzy"

The restaurant is relatively nondescript;  a little worn, a little dirty, classic Chinese restaurant decor.  We arrived at around 11:00am, right before the onslaught and  just before everyone else in our party arrived, so they quickly sat us at a large table in the back room.  Plenty of room for the turbo stroller and plenty of room for us.  When everyone arrived and the oohing and aahing subsided, pictures were taken and the food started coming in a hurry.  All the dim sum was priced at $2.10 a plate, regardless of item or size, which is a very good value.  The food was very tasty and there were some more unusual items.  A couple of highlights were the deep fried prawn and crab claws, braised large intestines, fried taro and shrimp dumpling and a bun stuffed with sticky rice.  We had a bunch of the usual suspects as well, such as har-gow, siu mai, braised chicken feet and etc.    We must have sampled at least 20 different items.

Overall, it was a good lunch, but the star of the show was definitely “Jazzy”.  She made my Grandma’s day and she has this ability to light up everybody else’s day.  She’s such a happy baby and brings joy to family and strangers alike.  She’s just like her father; cute, charismatic and so gosh darn squishable.   I know, I know, this blog is about food, not gushing fathers, but I can’t help it.  I joked to “Monk” that for Christmas, we’ll fly to Chicago for the evening, have dinner at Alinea and then fly back to Toronto, while my “Parental Units” watch her for the day.  The truth of the matter, is even though we could do it, I would find it tough and would feel guilty leaving “Jazzy” behind.  How life changes once you breed.

OK, back to the food.  Overall, great selection, decent food quality, friendly attentive service and exceptional value.  Issue and concerns; a little messy and dirty, overbearing dim-sum hawkers, a lack of finesse in the dishes.  Not bad at all and I would not mind going back again next time we were in the neighborhood.

On my chef’s night out scale, Miu Garden receives 3/5  SOB(slices of bacon).


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