Happy New Year!

Happy 2010!  I hope everyone has a fantastic year filled with good fortune and good food.  I haven’t posted anything recently, so I thought I’d throw a quick blurb up.

Our Toronto trip ended up very successfully.  Lots and lots of continual eating!  I did a little cooking a few days before Christmas with a baked Vacherin du Jura being a highlight.  Christmas Eve buffet at my “Parental Units” place was a huge success, Christmas morning Champagne breakfast was amazing and Cajun Christmas dinner at “Bass Pro Bro’s”  was the final assault on the belly.  Throw in a few more get-togethers on Boxing Day and the 27th and I’m glad to be heading home.  We got back to Vancity on the 28th and “Godfather” and “the Girl” were generous enough to fetch us from the airport and treat us to lunch at a Taiwanese restaurant.   Highlights were deep fried pig intestines, some garlicky cucumber pickles and some really tasty Taiwanese fried chicken.   That evening, we had dinner at Yan’s Garden with “Nuoc Mom” and there ends a solid 2 weeks of digestion.

Since our return to Vancity, it’s pretty much been go-go-go time.   Tapenade was closed between the 24th and 30th, so the boys and I had to get to work and rebuild the kitchen from scratch.  New Year’s Eve was a full-out onslaught, but it went off extremely well.  Everyone did a fantastic job and there goes another year in the books.  After wishing all the staff a happy new year, I actually made it home by 11:45, watched the countdown and shared a bottle of Orofino Red Bridge Red with “Monk”.  Speaking of which, there are still a few tickets left for the Jan. 22 Orofino wine dinner, so give “Sales Mix” or me a call at the restaurant, before it’s too late.

On New Year’s day, the “Monk in laws” came over for supper, we exchanged some secret Santa gifts and I threw together a simple dinner of NY strip steaks, jumbo prawns and a bunch of different sides.  A little cheese, a little apple pie, a lot more wine and overall a satisfying way to start the new year.


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