Social Media Marketing

You might have noticed a few changes around the blog recently.  There’s an Urbanspoon link/image on every one of my restaurant reviews, which links Urbanspoon readers to Chef’s Night Out and vice versa.  It’s a great way for me to drive traffic to the blog, as well as I’ve started using the Urbanspoon app on the iPhone.  Overall, the traffic I’ve been receiving to the blog has been very favorable and thank you very much for your continued support.  I will continue to provide hopefully interesting and entertaining content on a realtively frequent basis.  If you enjoy the blog, spread the word, tell your friends, sign up for the update email and comment frequently.  The blog will likely be migrating to a dedicated domain such as [] in the near future and then more changes will happen then.

Also, you may have noticed that I’ve been using Twitter (@alextung73)recently as well.  Obviously, it’s a sign of the times and social media marketing has become a big part of doing business in 2010.  Twitter has allowed me to send some up to the minute updates from the kitchen or quick thoughts from a restaurant I’m dining at, through a couple of taps on my iPhone.  I love technology, but I also have a lot of respect for tradition and the old school.  Hopefully, this balance will remain and this stuff does not become too time consuming.  I’d hate to say that I’m late on sending the 3rd course on table 44, because I was tweeting and blogging away and cooking food “wasn’t on my list of priorities.”  Inside joke.   

Thanks again for your support and what’s for dinner?


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