Hon’s Wun Tun House (New West)

"Jazzy" on the big girl swing

The other day, “Monk”, “Jazzy” and I were having a play day at Queen’s Park in New West. I wasn’t feeling too hot and thought the fresh air would help me recuperate. When we finished going crazy in the playground, we had time for a quick bite, before my 2:10pm doctor’s appointment. ‘Monk” wanted noodles, (how original) so we decided to go to Hon’s Wun Tun House. [ 408 6th St, New Westminster, (604) 520-6661] As a preface, we’ve been to the Hon’s on Robson dozens of times and have been to numerous other locations as well. We’ve been to the New West location a few times since we’ve moved out here and I will be basing this review purely on this location.

We ordered quickly since we were in a rush. “Monk’ did the ordering and ordered a bowl of noodle soup with dumplings and roast duck, an order of Dan Dan noodles and a side order of chicken feet. Yes you heard me right. chicken feet.  Believe it or not, it one of my favorite dim sum dishes and I consider it one of my favorite comfort foods.

It was a bit of an off day from the get go, partially because “Jazzy” was acting up. She usually is the perfect princess when we’re eating out, so this was a definite oddity. Both bowls of noodles arrived expeditiously and we ate quickly as well. The dumpling, duck, noodle dish was fine, nothing outstanding about it in any way.  In fact, I found the overall dish to be rather bland. The Dan Dan noodles on the other hand, were horrible. Basically it was some noodles with hoisin sauce, chili paste and some other stuff on top. Not sure what the other stuff is supposed to be, but you’re supposed to toss it up and eat away.  I don’t know what good Dan Dan noodles are, but I know this wasn’t it. It wasn’t offensive, just uni-dimensional, bland and boring. It tasted like boiled noodles with hoisin sauce and chili sauce. I hope to try good Dan Dan noodles in the future, just not at Hon’s. About 15 minutes later, the chicken feet finally arrived. They looked terrible, were not saucy and braised as they should be, in fact, they were tough and a horrible execution of the proper preparation. “Monk” suggested I send it back, but for whatever reason, I barely ate one piece, left it, paid the bill and we got on our merry way.

Issues and concerns; the food quality here is not very good. I’ve been to this location at least 3 times and will not return again in the future. It is consistently mediocre at best and I will spend my hard earned disposable income somewhere else. The bathroom was a travesty and there seemed to be a layer of filth covering everything. The chicken feet really pissed me off. It’s one of those dishes that all Chinese restaurants make and though some are definitely better than others, they are all very similar. To me it’s like pizza, even bad chicken feet is good chicken feet. That day, I was feeling sick, was seeking comfort food and in turn got sicker because I was subjected to the worse chicken feet ever!  Well, enough about chicken feet, it’s just too bad that the different Hon’s outposts can’t be more consistent.

On my chef’s night out scale, Hon’s Wun Tun House (New West) receives 2/5 SOB (slices of bacon).

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