I love eggs.  I always have and I always will.   I don’t know what the deal is, but I just love eggs.  I think eggs are the perfect food and you can do about a million different things with eggs.  There’s been talk about eggs being high in cholesterol and saturated fat, but everything in moderation right?

When I actually stop and think about eggs, I’m reminded of one my favorite quotes. 

 “Although I cannot lay an egg, I am a very good judge of omelette” 

George Bernard Shaw

As a professional omelette judge, this past week, I have not stopped thinking about eggs.  Seriously.  I’ve just been super inspired by eggs.  Let me tell you about some of my eggs-pectations and egg adventures I’ve encountered.  I know I’m sounding super corny and a little egg-headed, but I just can’t stop. 

The egg

 This past week, “Monk” and I  made the decision to only purchase free range and organic eggs for our household.  We believe that free range and organic eggs are a superior product, it’s a far better way of farming and we have officially converted.  The chickens live a better life and you can see and taste the difference in the eggs.  The other night, as I was not-sleeping on the couch, I was flipping through the HD channels and caught a few minutes of the movie “Spanglish.”  Adam Sandler’s character of a chef gets home after a busy dinner service, pours himself a beer and makes this gorgeous sandwich, cuts it in half and you see the egg yolk oozing from it.  Thank goodness for the HD-PVR because as I was drooling and getting a little heaty, I rewinded it a minute to watch the scene a second time.  I know, I’m a big loser, I should be watching HD porn at 3am, instead I’m watching PG-13  food porn.   This was just the beginning of my egg interactions this week, though you must already think I’ve cracked my egg a few too many times.

A couple of days ago, as we were setting up for brunch club, I saw some blanched pappardelle (wide egg pasta) in the staff tray, was feeling a little peckish and decided to make a quick dish for the boys.  I simply glazed the pasta with some reduced chicken stock, butter, chives, garlic and truffle essence.  I got  “Great Wall” to poach a couple of eggs, put it on top of the pasta, a little parmigianno reggianno and wallah, a lovely pasta dish.  Nothing like a perfectly poached egg on pasta.  Runny egg yolk has got to be the simplest, most perfect sauce ever.   I wish I had taken a picture, but it truly was “so simple, so delicious.” 

More egg stories.  I haven’t cooked a six minute egg  in forever, but during the middle of service on Sat night, I had “Boomer” knock one out for me.  I don’t know where my inspiration came from or if I just wanted to put him “in the juice”.  I guess I was thinking about a feature for the next day or I was reminded of the egg I had in a ramen dish earlier in the week; regardless I felt like confirming I knew how to cook a six minute egg.  My brain was  definitely a little curdled all week, so who knows.  It’s so simple;  put your eggs in a pot just covered with cold water, bring to a boil, hard simmer for 1 minute, then let sit in hot water for 6 minutes.  Run under cold water, remove the egg shell and kablamo, a perfectly cooked egg.  As we were tasting the egg and the checks started rolling in, I was really debating what I liked more, runny egg yolk or the creamy, partially cooked yolk of a 6 minute egg.  

And the egg madness continues;  for staff meal last night, I whipped together a very quick ragout of slightly spicy tomato sauce, some shredded duck leg confit, a little duck breast and some other stuff I can’t remember.  The icing on the cake was the three eggs I cracked into the ragout, I then put the whole sauteuse in the oven for about 15 minutes and out came a dish of food that I think was one of the best things I’ve tasted this year.   The ragout was super tasty, but the egg  was definitely the star.  The egg was cooked perfectly, the white was so tender and the yolk was so creamy and rich.  Combine that with my duck ragout, some toasted filone and I was in heaven.

This week,  I’m inspired to try some different applications and techniques for eggs.  I’ve never done this, but I’m going to try and cure some egg yolks. I think I’m also going to deep fry some egg yolks.  I told “Great Wall” about my history with Scotch eggs and promised him a demo of that too.   I also want to try a technique, I saw Wylie Dufresne execute, where you slow cook egg yolks in a water bath, which have been beaten, seasoned and rolled into a cling film roulade.  The result is a sliceable, creamy, malleable cylinder of egg yolky goodness.  I swear, I’m not being  paid or endorsed by the egg farmer’s association, I’ve just gone a little scrambled eggy.

I haven’t even gotten in to all the sweet things we’ve done to eggs this week, but that’s a whole other story.  Thanks for being patient and allowing me to ramble about my friend the egg.  I know I can get a little hard boiled sometimes, but the truth is, once you get to know me, you’ll always see my sunny side up.  Ok, I’ll stop now.  Sorry.


3 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. Just love your style of writing. It is so refreshing to read of what goes on in a chef’s mind. We had way too many food bloggers who knows nothing about food (like me!). I have not come across any chef who blogs like you. He he he … you can make a career out of writing too. Hope to meet you one day!

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