Chef’s Night Out and Slices of Bacon (SOB)

In the past few weeks, I’ve had a couple of comments in regards to my scale for rating restaurants.  Some readers, including valued friends, have called my system ridiculous, unfair, biased and self-righteous.  Self-righteous?  Moi???  “Do you know who I am?” “You’ve  GOT to be kidding me.”  I’m just kidding.  Please, I’m not pious and I’m just trying to have a little fun here.  How dare I rank the Oceanwise founding partner C Restaurant the same as the basa serving Cockney Kings Fish and Chips?  Have I “lost my bacon and egg biscuit”?  My response to these concerns is, “it is what it is”.  In the immortal words of Britney Spears and Cartman from South Park, it’s “my prerogative” and “you’re not the boss of me, I’ll do what I want.”

I started the slices of bacon scale (SOB)  because I love bacon.  Five slices of bacon is normally my max for breakfast and a full five slices is something special in my world.  I won’t lie, I’ve eaten up to ten plus slices of bacon in a single sitting, but it is not necessary to expound on my over-indulgence of my porcine friend.  Most days that I enjoy bacon for breakfast, particularly when I eat out, I tend to  average three slices.  Anything less than three slices and I feel somewhat unsatisfied and anything more is bordering on something special.  Bacon is my buddy, I like the slices of bacon scale (SOB), thus the slices of bacon scale stays. 

Don’t read too deep into the slices of bacon scale.  I think the real meat of my reviews are in the words I use to describe the meal.  I’ve never claimed my scale to be an exact work of science and remember, it is only the opinion of one food loving chef.    My goal is to suggest interesting places to eat and hopefully to entertain the reader at the same time.   Thanks again for your continued support, eat bacon judiciously and where am I going to go eat next?

P.S.  When you use quotation marks, do you put the periods and commas inside the quotation marks?  “Inquiring minds want to know”.


2 thoughts on “Chef’s Night Out and Slices of Bacon (SOB)

  1. They go inside the quotation marks. I’ve been lurking on your blog for the last little while – keep up the good reads. I feel my gastronomic IQ rising after each post.

  2. As a blogger whose posts have stirred some odd discussions and shunned by some other bloggers, I think I know why the criticism: You are a chef of a local restaurant and criticizing possible competitors in an open environment creates a conflict of interest. Sure, it might be your honest opinion but, this being an open medium, you are subject to the eyes of the public. Saying the C Restaurant (in a way, a competitor) was par delivers some wacky, mixed messages. Now, I am not saying you should stop blogging – just like pretty much all of us, we have thoughts of our own and might be as valid as anybody else’s. It is those cases, i.e., posts of competitors (restaurants catering the same customer type or nearby geographically), that some suspicions are raised or makes one wonder if there is a hidden agenda.

    Futhermore, the use of scales provide some further odd interaction between posts. As people say, there are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics. By giving these slabs of meat, people might skip the meat of the matter (no pun intended). If I were to write a post of a fish and chips shop and one of fine dining (in both cases without scales), there would be absolutely no way to compare them and might need to read (and, who knows, re-read) the post. It would be akin to an apple to oranges comparison. However, by given those pieces of bacon, you are providing something to people to weight against each other. It might be good; it might be bad, but that is how people like to think. (It specially does not help when people believe the grading is linear whereas it might be logarithmic).

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