Yowza! Moment #1 – Jamaican Beef Patty

Every now and again, I eat something that makes me scream “Yowza!” It does not happen often and to be quite honest, it does not happen often enough. We’ve become a society satisfied with mediocrity and when you live to eat like I do, it’s sad that we are not wow-ed more often. It’s not just fancy stuff that makes me giddy, it’s super tasty stuff and particularly food that invokes a strong food memory within me. I’ve decided to write quick posts describing things that I eat that made me say “Yowza!” BTW, I’m infatuated by the word “Yowza!” and cannot stop using it; I think I might even name a new business venture after it.

Yesterday morning, I had to make an early morning airport run to send my “Parental Units” on their “merry way.” After a three-week visit with my brood, and months of cruising/travelling and being away from thier home, I’m sure they were happy to get back to their home base and re-acquaint themselves with their “old people” routines. After dropping them off, I realized I had about thirty minutes to kill, so I contemplated a little “bref-fix” or a tasty coffee somewhere.

Suddenly, it popped into my head and I remembered that I had been itching to go try out the Jamaican beef patties from The Patty Shop [4019 Macdonald Street, Vancouver, (604)738-2144]. I first heard about this place through the food editor of a local newspaper. She mentioned it once and since I have fond childhood memories about Jamaican beef patties (JBPs), I filed the data away in my “plus-size nooggin,” and started planning for an eventual visit. For over a year, my sous “The Great Wall” and I would discuss it on occasion and I always expected either him or I to show up with a “box of dem beauties” on one of our days off.

Jamaican Beef Patties! The one with 5 holes is the spicy one.

Long story short, I called the Patty Shop, they told me they opened at 9am and my GPS told me that would also be my exact time of arrival. I parked the car, skipped into the shop (time warp) and ordered 5 normal JBPs and 1 spicy one. Got ’em back in the car, dug right in and let me tell you; Yowza! Still piping hot, straight from the oven, a gorgeous flaky crust and a tasty spiced beef filling. Absolutely delicious. So amazingly good that I ate another one right away. I ended up eating the spicy one hours later; “Monk” and I lightly heated them up in the toaster oven and they were almost just as good. The spicy JBP was super tasty, a perfect balance of heat and flavor and will be my personal preference for future visits.

Definitely not the JBPs of my youth, but trust me, I will definitely be back for some more soon. Until my next Yowza! moment, peace be unto you.

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