Goodbye Cotto


First off, I need to apologize to my blog.  I’ve been ignoring Chef’s Night Out for almost a year and I realize no excuses are truly valid.  I enjoy blogging; I find it therapeutic to put some of my thoughts into words and my improper grammar and poor use of punctuation is very humorous to me.  If I ever write a book, my editor will have a daunting task ahead of him.  Yes, I’ve been busy with Cotto and any down time I’ve had has been spent with family.  But, I could have watched a little less Discovery Channel and penned a couple of posts here and there, so there really is no good defense.  As my brilliant 3.5 year old daughter “Jazzy” would say, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”  Therefore, I apologize sincerely.

Meyer and me Well, I’ve got a rather big update for you.  For almost a year, I’ve been completely focused on all things Italian and have been working feverishly, opening and operating Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria.  The restaurant has been a big hit since Day 1, but as of next week, I will be exiting the Cotto realm.  I will no longer be involved with the business in any way and have decided to pursue new and exciting opportunities.  Here is a quote from an upcoming Cotto Enoteca press release.

North Burnaby, BC — North Burnaby’s popular Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria, which exploded onto the Burnaby dining scene in July of 2012, is saddened to announce the departure of Executive Chef/Managing Partner Alex Tung.  During Chef Alex’s tenure, he led Cotto to a 4.5 Star review in the Vancouver Sun and achieved plentiful critical and neighborhood acclaim.  Cotto Enoteca instantly became Burnaby’s hottest new restaurant and much is owed to Chef’s dedication, vision and hard work.  Chef Alex Tung played a key role in the opening of Cotto Enoteca, but leaves the restaurant in great hands with General Manager Gaven McKenney now at the helm. “I leave Cotto with mixed emotions,” explains Tung. “I am so proud of what we have accomplished at Cotto and am extremely fortunate to have worked with such amazing people.  I look forward to visiting as a guest, wish the team nothing but the best of luck and will always feel like part of the Cotto family.” Chef Tung departs Cotto to spend more time with his young family and to explore new, soon-to-be announced projects. Follow Chef Alex on Twitter (@ChefAlexTung) or on his blog ( for current updates.

remingtonThis might seem kinda sudden, but I ensure you, this transition has been in the works for quite some time.  I’ve  been working with the general manager and the new chef for the past while and feel confident passing on the torch to these gentlemen.  I will genuinely miss the outstanding servers and the dedicated kitchen staff that helped build Cotto into what it is today.  In particular, much is owed to my Sous Chef, ‘Remington Ho” for towing the line and executing my vision; I will miss cooking our fast paced dinner services, with my best cook beside me.

familyAs of today, I look forward to a little down time.  Me and my brood are heading to Toronto for a few weeks to visit family and do some serious eating.  Follow me on Twitter, cause there will be some gluttonous behavior going down.  When I get back to Vancouver in mid March, I will be announcing an exciting new project.   Until then, eat well and stay tuned for more details.


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