About Chef’s Night Out

Owner/Executive Chef @YowzaCulinary, Corporate Chef @LGDFVancouver, Brand Ambassador @RustichellaFood. In constant pursuit of deliciousness.

My name is Alex Tung and I am an eater.  I love good food and I love to eat. When I’m not eating, I’m the Owner/Executive Chef of Yowza!culinary + concepts here in Vancouver, BC.  Between me and my cooks, family, friends and industry pals, we are always talking about what we’re eating, where we’re eating and where we’re eating next. I’ve started this blog to document my eating adventures and also to offer a “behind the scenes” look into the Vancouver restaurant industry.  Please excuse my poor grammar, “ignorant” inside jokes and improper use of quotation marks and semi colons, but “that stuff’s funny to me.” Hope you enjoy Chef’s Night Out and let’s go grab a bite and a glass of wine soon.

Contact me at chefsnightout@yahoo.com with any issues & concerns. My full and current bio is available on Yowza!culinary + concepts


4 thoughts on “About Chef’s Night Out

  1. Great to know the man behind the Tapenade Bistro. We had never been there before even though it is just a few short blocks away from our home. Some day, I am sure!

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