Yowza! Moments

A Yowza! Moment is when I taste or drink or see something that’s truly special to me and makes me want to scream Yowza!  It might not be the fanciest or the best, but somehow it resonates with me in an extraordinary way.  Here is a current list of my Yowza! Moments thus far.

Yowza! Moment #1 – Jamaican Beef Patty
Every now and again, I eat something that makes me scream “Yowza!” It does not happen often and to be quite honest, it does not happen often enough. We’ve become a society satisfied …..

Yowza! Moment #2 – Sweet Potato
I just finished a lovely Sunday dinner at home with the brood and felt inclined to share the story of something delicious I just ate. Dinner was great; I roasted a pair of free range …..


Yowza! Moment #3 – The Garganutan Feast
A few weeks back, me and my brood (“Monk”, “Jazzy” and “Lexicon”) hopped in the hybrid, headed out for breakfast at Cora’s …..


Yowza! Moment #4 – Pulled Pork Sandwich
The other day, “Monk” was doing a little shopping at the local grocery store and I asked her to pick up a little meat for dinner.  I was not specific in any way as to what she should buy, so to …..

Yowza! Moment #5 – Gnocchi
A couple of days ago, after having a lovely dinner with my family, rather than “assuming my favorite positioning” in front of the big TV, I decided to make a batch of gnocchi …..


Yowza! Moment #6 – Pan Fried Oysters
On Friday afternoon, “The Godfather” joined me at the wine festival trade tasting at the Vancouver Convention Center.  First off, I’m pretty glad they moved the tasting to VCC West. …..

Yowza! Moment #7 – Alaskan King Crab
I blogged about Alaskan King Crab (AKC) around this time last year, but today I felt inclined to write a little more about this topic, simply because I had such as Yowza! Moment two days …..


Yowza! Moment #8 – “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”
On Friday afternoon, “Monk” and I had a rare opportunity to spend a little time together without the munchkins.  When I say “a rare opportunity,” I mean “a rare opportunity.”  It’s tough …..

Yowza! Moment #9 – Canelés de Bordeaux
Hello, my name is Alex Tung and I’m a big fan of Canelés de Bordeaux.  I would imagine that most of you, probably have never heard of these little bundles of joy before.  I was first …..


Yowza! Moment #10 – Edible Canada at the Market
On Friday afternoon, I had the pleasure of enjoying a three hour lunch with two of my favorite dining companions.  I had not seen “Tugboat Annie” and my old sous chef “Bunessa” in over six …..


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